Sales Strategies in Franchise Digital Marketing

Sales Strategies in Franchise Digital Marketing

It’s often been said that sales is a contact sport. You must make contact with the customer or there’s little chance you will close the sale. Anyone in sales can attest to how important that is, however, there’s a lot more to it than calls and emails. You need a sound strategy in franchise digital marketing.

Direct strong traffic through SEO

Starting with a good, attractive, efficient website is an excellent foundation, but SEO is essential because it makes you more visible. This drives users to your site and gives you more chances to convert prospects into customers. Not to be overlooked is local SEO, which helps your business become more visible in local search results on Google. This includes having a local-based landing page and local business listings. Web content should include specific city names and areas the franchise serves.

Keep in touch through social media

Everyone knows about social media’s value, most just don’t use it enough. There’s usually an immediate surge and excitement when getting on a platform. Sometimes this can be lost in the day-to-day running of a business and social tends to be forgotten. Not only can you tout your services and increase brand awareness with social media, you can use it to advertise on a medium where most people get their news.

Tell your story with content marketing

Google loves fresh, unique and ever-changing content. It isn’t the ranking factor, but it certainly is a ranking factor. It helps to drive traffic to the site. Which makes the use of storytelling an important one in your sales strategy in franchise digital marketing. Never overlook the creation of digital content like regular blog columns, original photos, podcasts and videos. Like social media, these tools generate interest and help you to keep in touch with potential leads.

Public relations

Sometimes, sales can have a bad rap with people because of those who are aggressive and superficial. The truth is sales involves relationship building. And you can do this through proper public relations campaigns. When you think about it, public relations are about building mutually beneficial relationships between a business or organization and the public. You can do this through press releases, outreach campaigns, events, sponsorships and other like efforts. So often the media is looking for a good story, especially positive ones. Stretch yourself and your franchise digital marketing with these overlooked tactics.

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