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Our Marketing Solutions Drive Growth to Your Franchise System

ChoiceLocal has been specializing in serving franchise systems since 2014.  Today, we work with almost 50 different franchise systems.  We have perfected this to the point where your average franchisee will see:

  • An increase in new customer inquiries by 282% 
  • An average of $15.54 in new customer revenue for every dollar they invest in marketing with us
  • A doubling in job applicant volume and a cost per job applicant half of what they are paying prior to working with ChoiceLocal

A List of Our Marketing Solutions and Capabilities

ChoiceLocal offers a wide range of marketing solutions and capabilities for our partners to pick and choose from. Your franchisees are able to pick the exact services they need when they start with us – whether that is one or two services or utilizing every capability to create a one-turn key growth engine for all aspects of their business. As your franchisees grow with us, you can adjust your marketing plan to fit your new needs. All services are tailored around national branding, but brought down to the local level. We offer the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization – we will optimize sites to industry best practices to get our partners to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Pay Per Click – we can get ads to show up in SERPs through our paid search methods
  • Social Media Marketing – we will help build, engage, and monetize target audiences on social media platforms
  • Remarketing – we will market to people who are 300% more likely to become a qualified lead compared to the average website visitor
  • Targeted Display & Mobile Advertising – we use a highly-targeted approach that will hit ideal customers with the right message, at the right time and at right place
  • Marketing Automation & SMS Marketing – we create a unified ecosystem that can improve close rates by up to 22%, drive a strong flow of five-star reviews, and improve average customer size
  • Customer Relationship Management System – our lead management system that will help business owners see all financial efforts, resulting revenue, profit, and return on investment (ROI)
  • Automated Reporting – we offer easy-to-understand, robust reporting that shows you everything you need to know, both on a national and local level
  • Recruiting – we will empower your franchisees to overcome recruiting obstacles and help them start recruiting better candidates
  • Reputation Management – we have developed a system using a combination of email and text messaging marketing to increase positive reviews and steer away negative reviews
  • Client Retention – we can give your franchisees a strong understanding of how people are interacting with their businesses and what can be done to improve client retention
  • Employee Retention – we can give your franchisees  a better understanding of how their employees interact with their companies and how they perceive them
  • Franchise Development – we will give you the tools and strategy you need to meet and beat your franchise development goals
  • Financial Integration into Marketing – we will integrate our marketing efforts with your sales efforts on a local and national level to ensure your franchise system is getting the value you deserve

Partner with the Top Performing Franchise Marketing Agency.

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