Home care agencies get a proven system from ChoiceLocal. On average, our partners receive $17.90 in new customer revenue for every dollar they invest in marketing with us. Each partner also receives a proven marketing system that drives skilled and unskilled labor to their agency.

The Average Home Care Agency Owner That Works with Us Gets:

  • A 282% increase in new customer inquiries
  • $17.90 in new customer revenue for every dollar they invest in marketing with us
  • A doubling in job applicant volume and a cost per job applicant half of what they are paying prior to working with ChoiceLocal while maintaining or improving hiring rates

In addition, ChoiceLocal serves you and serves you well. We have incredible loyalty because we deliver for business owners like you. We have a 96% annualized client retention rate, despite no long-term contracts.

We Can Give Your Home Care Agency Five Key Components to Drive Your Business

A Free, Premium Website Built for Home Care

Your own website, for free, tailored to the business that represents you in a very positive manner, that is custom-built for the home care industry.

Exclusive Lead and Sales Engine

We provide you with a reliable and high ROI, lead generation, and sales engine with hard proof of the actual ROI and performance of every aspect of your digital marketing and sales campaigns. All leads we generate for you are exclusive leads that close better than lead aggregators and with better margins.

Recruitment of Caregivers

We provide you with a reliable and high-quality recruiting solution that continues to drive new caregivers to your home care agency. 

Amazing Customer Service

We provide you with amazing customer service. You can call and email your dedicated Account Executive at any time. In addition, we will meet monthly with you to talk about growth strategy for your business on a local level, review results, review the work we have done for you, and then you will bless everything that we commit to doing to move you forward in the next thirty days. This meeting is fast, easy, and efficient but you are in the driver’s seat with our solid team behind you. We have your back.

Simple Lead Management CRM

Our team can provide you with a simple lead management system (also known as a CRM) for all lead and revenue data to go into. Our goal when we built this CRM was to offer it for free to our home care partners, but also to make it easy to manage. You’ll love to discover that you can easily monitor it on your phone at any time.

We Offer a Wide Range of Digital Marketing Solutions to Home Care Agencies

By no means do you have to do all of these growth solutions with us, you can pick and choose.  Yet, you are more than welcome to partner with us in every capability to create a one-turn key growth engine for all aspects of your business.

  • Search Engine Optimization – we will optimize your site to industry best practices to get you to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Pay Per Click – we can get your ads to show up in SERPs through our paid search methods
  • Social Media Marketing – we will help you build, engage, and monetize your target audience on social media platforms
  • Remarketing – we will market to people who are 300% more likely to become a qualified lead compared to your average website visitor
  • Targeted Display & Mobile Advertising – we use a highly-targeted approach that will hit your ideal customer with the right message, at the right time, and at the right place
  • Marketing Automation & SMS Marketing – we create a unified ecosystem that can improve close rates by up to 22%, drive a strong flow of five-star reviews, and improve your average customer size
  • Customer Relationship Management System – our lead management system that will help business owners see all financial efforts, resulting in revenue, profit, and return on investment (ROI)
  • Automated Reporting – we offer easy-to-understand, robust reporting that shows you everything you need to know
  • Recruiting – we will empower your business to overcome recruiting obstacles and help you start recruiting better candidates
  • Reputation Management – we have developed a system using a combination of email and text messaging marketing to increase positive reviews and steer away from negative reviews
  • Client Retention – we can give you a strong understanding of how people are interacting with your business and what can be done to improve client retention
  • Employee Retention – we can give you  a better understanding of how your employees interact with your company and how they perceive you
  • Financial Integration into Marketing – we will integrate our marketing efforts with your sales efforts to ensure you are getting the value you want out of our partnership


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